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SUPAFLOOR Panel System

BuildItEco Supaboard and Supafloor Panels have unique features. They are rigid and extremely tough, but also practical and versatile, being suited to both domestic and Commercial construction.

The Supafloor Panel flooring system consists of Supafloor Panels used in dry areas and Supaboard flooring used for wet areas. The Supafloor panel consists of an upper layer of 10mm High Strength Supaboard, a 37mm M Grade Termite treated EPS core and a lower layer of 6mm Supaboard, giving a total thickness of 53mm. When used in conjunction with 18mm pre grooved Supaboard flooring, an automatic step down is achieved, obviating the necessity to check out joists.

Both products can be used with timber or steel floor joists, 450mm or 600mm spacings, in both new construction and renovations and extensions. Both products can be finished with a wide variety of floor finishes including vinyl, carpet and tiling. Being highly water resistant, Supaboard is relatively unaffected by the unlikely event of a moisture membrane failure.

Supafloor Panel is a fully engineered and certified flooring system. The engineering certification report is available on request.

Using the Supafloor Panel flooring system on your next project will provide you with a cost effective alternative to traditional subfloor materials, with the added satisfaction of knowing you are using products with Superior sustainability and recycling credentials.

Special Features of the Product

  • Acoustic Performance: Supafloor Panel when field tested has passed BCA compliance in a multi dwelling class2 building with just the bare panel on its own no floor covering, this shows the systems performance on a typical floor ceiling build up, please refer to the test reports sheets in technical data.
  • Insulating Performance: Supafloor Panel will give an R1.2 increase in total R value to your complete floor system.
  • Termite Resistence: Using RMAX Perform Guard EPS as the core material.
  • Low embodied Energy: Supaboard is also recyclable.
  • Asbestos free: non-toxic and non-allergenic.
  • Moisture Resistant: With no special requirements for on-going maintenance.
  • Unique: Wet area step down allowing for screeds to get correct fall in wet areas. (water proofing membranes must be applied as required by the BCA).
  • Engineered: Supafloor complies with the Australian Loading Code AS 1170.1 for both domestic and commercial applications.
  • Fast installation: Due to the unique installation method.