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SUPABOARD is a versatile, high performance, sustainable and eco-friendly ‘green’ building product. It is manufactured using naturally occurring materials and requires minimal energy input during the process, which is carried out at room temperature, making this a low carbon emission product. The manufacture of Supaboard produces around 90% less pollutants compared to Portland cement based products. Since no heat or pressure is used in its manufacture, 20-40% less energy is required to manufacture Supaboard comparative to Portland cement-based boards. It is 100% recyclable and has a low CO² footprint.

SUPABOARD consists of a composite of naturally occurring minerals, timber fibre, fiberglass mesh and binders to produce a consistent, high quality and dimensionally stable product.

SUPABOARD has several other beneficial properties, such as being resistant to water and fire, insects, termites, mould and mildew. It is non-toxic and free from asbestos and carcinogenic materials. SUPABOARD is dimensionally stable with low expansion and contraction. It will not delaminate or deteriorate after prolonged exposure to moisture, even when immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolonged periods of time.

Compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products, it is ideal for high tech engineering applications and general purpose construction. It provides superior moisture resistance in high-humidity areas and does not support the growth of mould or mildew. It has a low thermal conductivity of 0.179 W/m·K and a very low vapour resistance, making it ideal for use in “breathable” construction, this helps to provide a healthier indoor living environment.

SUPABOARD is lightweight and high strength, extremely quick and easy to use, reducing labour cost and building time. It exhibits a similar versatility to using timber and can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed, screwed or stapled with hand or power tools. SUPABOARD has a smooth surface on one side; which is ready for wallpaper, paint or finished with veneer, stone, laminate or vinyl. SUPABOARD’s rough sanded texture on the reverse is suitable for applying a variety of bonded applications such as ceramic tiles.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • No Organic Solvents 
  • No Oils
  • No Toxic Ingredients
  • No Heavy Metal Salts
  • No radiation
  • Asbestos Free
  • Formaldehyde Free 
  • Silica Free
Supaboard may be safely buried in landfill without the potential for contamination or detrimental impact to the environment.
MSDS Data for SUPABOARD can be downloaded below. (Download PDFs)
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02 Department of Housing Testimonial <1 MB
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